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Thursday, 24 April 2014

New life, new blog..


New Life, New Blog. Well its not that new. I decided to delete all my post from the past. as a matter of fact, i re-read them all. and i just cant stop laughing and laughing at my own stupid post. like. oh mann.. its really me who wrote this?

i've been through a lot with the haters, spammers and those anonymous with theirannoying comment. i felt terrible and i quit posting any new post for 3 days. then i start it all over again and trying not to make a single mistake. 

 my blog never receive any award or what so ever. but i i love my blog. we've been together for like 3 years. since im eleven. its actually my cousin idea to create this lovely blog. the tittle, the address is all by her. which is remain till now. nur fateha. thank you so much.
Starting  from that day. the journey of my life sitting in front of the laptop for 24 hours begin. the first blog tutorial that i learn is how to change the background tutorial and try it out for 2-3 times. and succeed! imagine how happy and proud i am!

ahh. that good old times. and my sister too started blogging. 

P\S: sorry for the grammar error. kindly correct me in the comment section. its my teacher advice to get used in using english language, so that i can be confident to speak english in front of the people well. please dont bash me or anything sort of that but kindly help me improve my english. thank you.